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Measure the quality of your customer experience

Indiko Customer Experience is a bespoke study service that provides organizations with a clearer insight into every facet of the customer experience by focusing on the major emotional aspect that customers feel before, during and after their purchase. It is an effective tool for defining or redefining a strategy and offering customers a differentiating and value-added experience.

Did you say “customer experience”?

There has been a change in how consumers behave. Their satisfaction and loyalty are driven more by the quality of their experience with the organization than the intrinsic qualities of the product or service used. To understand this complex issue and build customer loyalty, organizations must ensure that their customers enjoy a memorable experience. We would invite you to give this matter deeper thought by reading the white paper produced by the Organizational Performance Circle of the Fondation Paris-Dauphine, entitled “Measuring the Customer Experience: Complex but Possible?”.

Emotions under the microscope

Indiko Customer Experience provides a way for measuring the quality of the customer experience, an intangible and subjective notion associated with the emotions felt by customers before, during and after their purchase. The study’s value lies in its analysis of several facets of the customer experience, including the emotional, participative, intellectual, social and cognitive aspects. All the methods that are currently used to interact with customers are taken into account when measuring the quality of the customer experience, from physical touchpoints through to digital tools.

The map produced helps determine the importance played by the different components in the quality of the customer experience.


A research-inspired model

Indiko Customer Experience is the culmination of the work pioneered by the Organizational Performance Circle created by the Fondation Paris-Dauphine in March 2012, with the support of the AFNOR Group.

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Benchmark and take action

Companies using an Indiko Customer Experience study to enhance their strategy can:

• Understand the importance played by the different aspects of the customer experience.

• Determine and monitor trends in the performance of those aspects.

• Prioritize their improvement initiatives.

• Evaluate the return on investment from their strategies.

This study offers a sector-wide overview and serves as a true industry barometer, which organizations can leverage to benchmark their performance against the competition. Multiple sectors can be contrasted to produce a comparative analysis and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a given sector as a whole.

The customer experience in the banking sector

The first study conducted in 2016 focuses on the banking sector. The highest performance recorded relates to the cognitive and relational aspects. At the other end of the scale, the study reveals the banking sector’s weaknesses, namely the affective, emotional, participative and intellectual aspects.

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The AFNOR Group deploys bespoke measurement models covering all sectors of activity, relationships between companies or focusing directly on consumers.

Several sectors have already been analyzed, including hypermarkets, cinemas, hair salons and DIY stores. A summary of the results will gradually be made available.


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