The AFNOR Group offers a range of innovative measurement tools designed to help companies determine where they stand in a given market or specific subject area. The AFNOR Indiko surveys enhance the strategic thinking process for business professionals looking to control and power their investments, and benchmark their performance against other companies in their sector or against other sites within the same group.
The surveys are based on quality measurement models and questionnaires. The AFNOR Group’s experts draw on the added value inherent in voluntary standards and the research work pioneered by students and research lecturers at partner schools and universities (ESAIP School of Engineering, the Organizational Performance Circle of the Fondation Paris-Dauphine, etc.)


Indiko Environmental Performance is a participative, free and anonymous sector-level benchmarking tool featuring simple and relevant environmental indicators to help all organizations define their objectives for their generated waste, water and energy consumption, air treatment, biodiversity and environmental management. Learn more…



Indiko Customer Experience is a bespoke study service that provides organizations with a clearer insight into every facet of the customer experience by focusing on the major emotional aspect that customers feel before, during and after their purchase. It is an effective tool for defining or redefining a strategy and offering customers a differentiating and value-added experience.