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Indiko Environmental Performance is a participative and free sector-level benchmarking tool featuring simple and relevant environmental indicators.

The tool can be used for an entire company or even a specific site or entity, and is available to all organizations determined to reduce their impact on the planet.

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Measure your performance: the 29 indicators in the questionnaire produce your organization’s environmental dashboard in six key areas: waste, air, water, energy, biodiversity and environmental management.

indiko performance environnementale

Compare your performance: you can view the average score for organizations in your sector for each of the 29 indicators, representing a practical way of stimulating your brainstorming sessions and qualifying your results.

What information do you need before you get started?

The Indiko Environmental Performance online questionnaire requires quantified data. Before you get started, you will need the following information:

  • Water, gas, electricity, fuel oil and diesel bills for the previous year.
  • A greenhouse gas assessment, a carbon footprint assessment if possible and a particle emissions assessment.
  • Waste collection tax.

Missing some of the above information? You can still go ahead with the questionnaire, and the indicator in question will simply be excluded from your results.

What is environmental performance?

Environmental performance is defined as the “measurable results of an organization’s management of its environmental aspects”. It can be established using the 29 Indiko indicators defined by the AFNOR Group’s environmental experts based on research work and the ISO 14031 standard (Environmental management – Environmental performance evaluation – Guidelines). These indicators concern your organization’s generated waste, water and energy consumption, air treatment, biodiversity and environmental management.

Why assess your environmental performance?

Knowing and improving your environmental performance prompts organizations to redesign their activities and innovate. In addition to the direct environmental benefits, it serves as a way of enhancing your products and services, improving your image and saving money.

The environmental dashboard and the possibility of benchmarking your results generate invaluable data for making informed decisions. It is a tangible method for highlighting the objectives that your organization needs to achieve (reduce waste and diesel consumption, etc.). It is also a way of launching or improving your environmental strategy. The results obtained can be used to simplify communication within your organization and reporting to top management.

Who can use Indiko Environmental Performance?

All companies (microbusinesses, SMEs, mid-cap companies and large organizations), local authorities and governmental agencies need to reduce their impact on the planet. Therefore, all organizations can use Indiko Environmental Performance, even entities or sites within the same group! You do not need certification or a label to benefit from the process.

I am already ISO 14001 certified, so what will Indiko Environmental Performance bring me?

In September 2015, a new version of the ISO 14001 international standard was released for environmental professionals around the world. This standard integrates an environmental performance assessment into an organization’s practices. Consequently, Indiko Environmental Performance is an operational solution for fulfilling this new criterion.

How do you know whether the results obtained are good?

Indiko Environmental Performance does not set the bar: you set the bar for your organization according to your constraints and strategy. If you view the average scores achieved by other organizations in your sector of activity, you can compare your results and take an objective look at your environmental strategy. You have all the tools for defining your objectives.

What are the conditions for taking part?

Indiko Environmental Performance is free and anonymous. You can easily sign up online. Defining the profile of your organization (or site concerned) and its sector of activity will be useful for comparing your results against other organizations.

How long does it take to receive the results?

Answer the Indiko Environmental Performance questionnaire and you will discover your results for free at a later stage.

Initial results

Annual quantity of water consumed per employee:


Annual quantity of hazardous waste per employee:


Annual quantity of GHG emissions (greenhouse gas) per employee:

Annual budget allocated to protecting biodiversity per employee:

Annual diesel consumption per employee:

Number of internal environmental audits a year:


Breakdown in companies that have taken part by sector of activity:

Construction and civil engineering0%
Manufacturing industry0%
Service industry0%


Indiko Environmental Performance has been developed in partnership with the ESAIP School of Computer and Environmental Engineering. Several organizations representing various clusters, hubs and sectors contributed to the launch by being the first to take part:

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